Vin's latest update from the road...

PacSun Music’s blog posted up Vin’s latest tour update on their site yesterday, you can check it out there or read on below…


We’ve burned straight across the South since we last checked in. Texas, as usual, showed a lot of kindness, hospitality and love. Had a bit of an incident in Dallas when some dude threw a drink at me. I ended up making him feel really bad about it (this is the short story version).

It was really nice to play at the new Emo’s in Austin. Place is real rad and the staff is the real deal. We snuck in a little bar shuffleboard on 6th Street too. Crowd was singing loud… it was more than I could ask for.

Houston was in a bit of a smaller room, so we ripped it up. Got to play in front of my girl’s mom which was rad. Nice to show her what we do for a living.

Pensacola was next. We’d never been there and were greeted by a crowd of strangers who embraced us and welcomed us. Pretty cool and weird town, quite historic and dated.

Atlanta brought it hard. Crowd went nuts and we had some old friends chillin’. Cole Miller from the UFC was on the side of the stage chilling, we met him and that was really cool. I think he wanted to mosh.

On to Orlando… our van broke down on the way, and it was Sunday so all the mechanics were closed. We rented a box truck and barely got our stuff to the show in time. Ratt’s dad, sister and aunts, etc. came out -it’s always nice to see our extended family. Show was cool, but I got the feeling our fans were a bit bummed on the size of the stage and room. Coulda been crazier. We’re gonna come back and play our own show in the Spring for sure.

Right now, we are enjoying an off day in Ormond Beach, FL, eating fried seafood and drinking tropical drinks.

The final leg starts tomorrow. East Coast, let’s do this!!!!