PropertyOfZack reviews our album

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From the ashes of now defunct The Movielife, New York natives I Am The Avalanche have assembled a loyal following that has only grown since their debut album nearly six years ago. Their self-titled record introduced the group with a familiar Movielife sound that had only matured. Furious power chords and ferocious drumbeats were solidified alongside groovy melodies and subtle, elongated tones. Singer Vinnie Caruana held on to his rash yells with more confidence in his cadences. Although the songs off I Am The Avalanche’s first record were a bit more experimental, they held true to the bands origins. Today, I Am The Avalanche return with Avalanche United: an album that continues the development of chainsaw rhythms and passionate vocals.

While honing their aggressive sound on this album, I Am The Avalanche have also simplified their musical approach. Relying on rhythm and Caruana’s vocals, the album pushes through without much lead melody. Tracks like “Amsterdam” and “Is This Really Happening?” fulfill the need for lead guitar with quick-witted solos that appear in a sudden burst of musical elation. Caruana’s lyrics have grown to be more straightforward. While the meanings were once hid in metaphors, he’s begun to show the true significance behind his songs while using poetic devices as a lyrical paint brush. Songs like “Holy Fuck” and “Brooklyn Dodgers” showcase his relationships with whom people he’s been closest while “This One’s On Me” and “The Place You Love Is Gone” reveal drunken memories and insecurities. No matter the feeling, the songs are relatable and catchy. With gang vocals scattered throughout the album, singing along is even more enjoyable and each song that much more relatable.

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