Latest stories from the road

Wanted to share with everyone Vinnie’s latest tour blog update, written before we hit Albuquerque on Sunday (it was originally posted yesterday on PacSun Music’s blog, where folks can go to check out his other tour updates).  So here you go!

I’m back to tell you we are still alive. Alive with the glory of music and gas station food.

Since last we spoke, we’ve traveled from San Francisco down the coast and across to Arizona. We abandoned the hotel rooms on this leg, and strictly stayed with friends.

Los Angeles absolutely blew us away. We played the Glass House in Pomona and experienced an insanely warm welcome! People are starting to chant “Avalanche United!” after our sets.  Hollywood felt like the best show of the tour. We’ve hit a new stride. The trouble and pain I went through writing some of these lyrics is instantly erased as I watch the crowd sing along. Hollywood was very un-Hollywood. At least they were certainly not too cool for the Avalanche.

After some very generous hospitality from our bros Rx Bandits and crew, we went to San Diego. I’ve never been to downtown SD. Shit looked like Cleveland a lot. Very strange down there. I much prefer the beach area.  Show was cool though. The worst shows are still rating an 8/10 for me so I’m fucking down with that.

VEGAS. Any band dude will tell you Vegas is weird for shows, speaking generally of course. This was completely different than any  Vegas show I’ve played. So much passion from the crowd. I’ll never underestimate them again. After the show we spent some quality time with some of our dearest friends at their beautiful home where we smoked medicinal cannabis, drank irish whiskey, and swam in a salt water pool and hot tub. Chicken fights, cannonballs…it was like we were kids. But with way more liquor and weed.

Arizona was radical. The show was in a smaller venue which was a nice change from the barricades and what not. We did the damn thing, and made some believers. 110% every night. That’s it. That’s the only way. We hung with some friends who turned up, some Air Force bros who said they had just come from the mountains where there were shooting guns and blowing shit up. I asked if what they were doing was legal. And they answered ” ish”.

We rollin up to New Mexico right now. Talk soon. Hold what you’ve got. 

- Vinnie

pix by our friend Michael “Yoshi” Jasionowski!